Help set the new standard for Senior Photography and get a Senior Portrait Experience! Lindsey Millard Photography gives you a chance to flaunt your personality and showcase your individual style in your Senior Portraits. Don't settle for images that don't set you apart from your friends!!


PROM! Seriously, so much fun for teens, especially girls! For girls, it’s training day for their Wedding Day! Pretty formal dress….fancy updo….glamorous makeup….it doesn’t get much better! Well this year I was lucky enough to shoot a group of young men and women from JL Mann High School.  I know this is a tease, because I can’t post them here! But I swear the girls were gorgeous and the boys were handsome. They need some work, though: some of the girls felt “awkward” posing for individual shots! WHAT!?!?!?? these girls need to spend some time with me one-on-one so we can get to the bottom of that! They were all beautiful!

For the parents of these awesome kids, here is the link : http://www.lindseymillard.instaproofs.com Because I don’t have a model release for everybody, your gallery is password protected. Cara Riggs has the password!  The gallery will be up and prints will be available for purchase through May 22nd!  Thank you all so much for letting me tag along for your kid’s Prom pictures. They were a great group of kids to shoot! Please contact me if you have any questions!!

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Sydney is my first Senior Model at Wren HS!!  She is truly one of the most naturally beautiful girls I have met.  This was just her quick session to get us acquainted and kick us off.  She’ll be getting another session in the fall!!  I can’t IMAGINE the gorgeousness we’ll come up with then!!

  • Nara - Your work is phenomenal.

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Say hello to Lindsey Millard Photography’s first official Class of 2014 Senior Model!!  Hope is such a sweetheart and I’m so glad to have her as a Senior Model for me!  This is my first year doing any sort of rep program and Hope such a great girl to get me started!!  This was just a quick little session that we did.  If we got this many great shots in a Model Session, just imagine what we’ll come up with in her full fall session!!!

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